Japan 2016 Photo Album

Better late than never, here’s my photo album from my visit to Japan, between 26th March, and 9th April

The trip took us from Sapporo, where I wanted to visit my grand fathers grave, then by train down to Hakodate. Then by air down to Tokyo for a few days, before hitting the Shinkansen to Osaka. Using Osaka as a base to also visit Himeji, Kyoto and Nara.

Site Updates

It’s that time again. The current theme has served me well over the years, but it is not so friendly for mobile. The name Longbow’s Lair, has also run its course, and it’s time to re-brand it. Other than the name and theme though, most things won’t change.

Oh and look out for another post soon, with my collection of photos from my recent trip to Japan.

Usable Privacy Focused Communication

The holy grail for mass adoption of encrypted chat and email, but I’m not going to lecture about why this is important. Instead, I want to list some of the tools that are cropping up, list some pros and cons, and hopefully keep it up to date, and help a few people keep their personal lives, personal.

EFF recently put up their Secure Messaging Scorecard, detailing various privacy elements of messengers.

[Update; 2014-09-17 –]
[Update; 2014-09-18 – Bleep – Open Alpha]
[Update; 2014-10-07 – Bleep patch, Telegram, FireChat]
[Update; 2014-11-07 – EFF, surespot]

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chanmon & highmon Version 2.3

Added the much request feature to merge private messages into *mon displays.
Fixed channel colour’s not showing up in highmon

New versions available in Downloads and Weechat scripts / Weeget