Happy New Year & rslap 1.3.1

Small fix to rslap to finally be rid of that mildly annoying uninitialised value error

And since there’s not likely to be a post till 2011, Happy New Year!

New versions available in Downloads and Weechat scripts / Weeget

chanmon & highmon 2.2

Changed channel colour to use the API, in preparation for WeeChat 0.3.4, which removes a few config options in favour of a single one, for 256 colour support.

New versions available in Downloads and Weechat scripts / Weeget

Script updates

Small bug fixes to nickregain, chanmon and highmon scripts;

nickregain v1.1.1
fix a corner case where $config{$name} didn’t exist for a disconnecting server (thanks to idl0r)

chanmon v2.1.3
change /monitor to /chmonitor to avoid command conflicts (thanks m4v) (/chanmon monitor remains the same)

highmon v2.1.3
fix perl errors caused by bar line counter (thanks to idl0r)

chanmon & highmon
Add command help to /xxxxmon help

As usual new versions available from Downloads and Weechat scripts / Weeget

Small bug fix to chanmon

Just a quick bug fix update to chanmon. It was failing to detect open buffers on more than one screen when using the ‘dynmon’ feature (thanks to m4v for report and fix)

The latest version is now 2.1.1 and will be available from Downloads and Weechat scripts and Weeget

chan/highmon updates

Okay, so I may have neglected doing an update for a while. Well have a new version of chanmon and highmon then.
By popular request, v2.1 now has an ‘nchannel’ option for alignment, to display both buffer numbers and channel names together.

As per usual changelogs, info and links in Downloads and should be available on Weechat’s page / via Weeget

Weechat scripts mass update

So it’s been a while since I posted anything here, and now there’s 4 updates all at once, typical.

Chanmon and Highmon both get bumped up to version 2.0, new things include;

  • Selectable outputs, both sharing the same formatting
  • Buffer logging toggle, no more giant chanmon log file
  • config clean up (command), no longer requires all channels to be set in the config, you only need to set the ones you want off, the command should clean up the config from previous versions
  • /monitor can now be given options, so you can toggle channels from another channel

Nickregain goes to 1.1 with;

  • Added a command delay, to delay sending the configured commands
  • Big fix to occasionally leaking infolist
  • Quit and nick changes should detect again

and finally rslap 1.3 with;

  • Ability to add/remove strings from weechat
  • Optional ability to slap a user back when they slap you

As usual full changelogs, info and dl links in Downloads and should be available on Weechat’s page / via Weeget

Oh and I have this twitter thing, if anyone’s even bothered.

Chanmon & Highmon v1.7

New versions of highmon and chanmon, version 1.7.
This version adds a customisable nick prefix and suffix to both
And makes Chanmon’s dynamic mode, split window aware.

As always, find more info in the Downloads section or via weechat/weeget.

Alice and Kev

I happened across this the other day in my internet wanderings. Alice and Kev is an experiment in playing a homeless family in The Sims 3.

The premise seems pretty basic on the face of it; Take the Sims 3, create a couple of characters (father/daughter in this case), set them up in a lot made up to look like an abandoned park, and see what happens, giving the odd nudge along the way.

What this has turned into, with the help of some good writing, is an incredible fascinating and moving story of these two characters. A lot of it driven by the game itself.

This is certainly worth reading through, but be warned, while there are some uplifting points, this is (by and large) a rather sad tale.

Alice and Kev – Introduction
Alice and Kev – The Beginning