Freeman’s Mind

So I got bored the other day and went looking for something to randomly watch, and stumbled across this absolute gem of a machinima, “Freeman’s Mind”, in it’s own words;

Follow the thoughts of Dr. Gordon Freeman, a 27 year old physicist and neurotic individual.

I’ve not laughed so much at an online video for a long, long time.
You can find the first video below, and the rest at (The author’s original work (worth a look) and current base for FM) || (Soon to be home for FM)

In order to fill the gap between the updates the Spin-Off “Barney’s Mind” (Blueshift) appeared, and it’s just as good;
First episode:

Not content with two series, the third (and inevitable) series appear, “Shephard’s Mind” (Opposing Force), find the first episode here:
Update here if/when an update site/blog appears.

Now without further ado, if you’re still wondering whether or not to watch these series’, just give it a go:

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