Happy New Year & rslap 1.3.1

Small fix to rslap to finally be rid of that mildly annoying uninitialised value error

And since there’s not likely to be a post till 2011, Happy New Year!

New versions available in Downloads and Weechat scripts / Weeget

Script updates

Small bug fixes to nickregain, chanmon and highmon scripts;

nickregain v1.1.1
fix a corner case where $config{$name} didn’t exist for a disconnecting server (thanks to idl0r)

chanmon v2.1.3
change /monitor to /chmonitor to avoid command conflicts (thanks m4v) (/chanmon monitor remains the same)

highmon v2.1.3
fix perl errors caused by bar line counter (thanks to idl0r)

chanmon & highmon
Add command help to /xxxxmon help

As usual new versions available from Downloads and Weechat scripts / Weeget

Small bug fix to chanmon

Just a quick bug fix update to chanmon. It was failing to detect open buffers on more than one screen when using the ‘dynmon’ feature (thanks to m4v for report and fix)

The latest version is now 2.1.1 and will be available from Downloads and Weechat scripts and Weeget