nickregain is a perl script for Weechat 0.3.0+ that checks if your current nick is your primary nick and attempts to recover it if it isn’t.
It does this by looking for nick quits and nick changes, and checked every x seconds.
You can also specify a set of commands to issue to regain your primary nick instead.
Current Version: 1.1.1 [ dl ]
(released: 25-04-2010)

Command Usage:

  • /nickregain on|off|now|all
    Set regain on or off for a server
    ‘now’ runs a one time test on current server
    ‘all’ runs a one time test on all servers

‘nickregain’ stores all it’s settings in Weechat’s plugins.conf, the following can be set there, by using /set or the ‘iset’ plug-in

  • servername_enabled – /set plugins.var.perl.nickregain.servername_enabled
    This sets whether the nickregain is will run on a server
    (Default: ‘off’)
  • servername_command – /set plugins.var.perl.nickregain.servername_command
    Setting this will make nickregain issue this command instead of just “/nick ” and override all other methods
    You WILL need to add the ‘/nick’ command to this
    Use $nick to mark the nick, Commands can be separated using ;
    e.g /msg nickserv ghost $nick;/nick $nick;/msg nickserv identify password
    See ‘/msg nickserv help’ for exact syntax
    (Default: blank)
  • servername_command_delay – /set plugins.var.perl.nickregain.servername_command_delay
    This sets the delay between the server connection and the command being triggered
    (Default: 0)
  • servername_delay – /set plugins.var.perl.nickregain.servername_delay
    This sets the delay between each /ison check
    Used incase you can’t see the old nick quit or nick change
    (Default: ’60’)


  • 2010-12-13, idl0r
    v1.1.1 -fix: corner case where $config{$name} didn’t exist for a disconnecting server
  • 2009-04-24, KenjiE20
    v1.1 -feature: Add server_command_delay option to add a delay to server_command
    -fix: Broken quit/nick change detection
    -fix: Close off leaking infolists
    -fix: Hooks unhook properly now
  • 2009-10-27, KenjiE20
    -fix: Make ison nicks check regexp quotemeta better, didn’t always work
    Give ‘/nickregain now’ it’s own sub, to trigger ison
    Let /nickregain work out the server name, rather than assume it was on a server buffer
  • 2009-10-22, KenjiE20
    -fix: make infolist loop $name’s local vars, so they don’t overwrite existing
  • 2009-10-19, KenjiE20
    v1.0RC: Public Release
    -fix: /ison command was sending /ison /ison nicks
    Quote the ison nicks check to protect regexp
    Update settings on connect, fixes initial connected being set off
    -code: Make creating the $isonnicks var less silly
  • 2009-10-18, KenjiE20
    v1.0: Initial Public Release Candidate

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