Phase Two

After many hours of planning, the new Junction at Duningworth is constructed, plans for an extra platform at Fentfingford were rejected and the buffers were removed instead. The entire line is now double tracked, and a new 4-6-2 ‘Streamliner’ brought in for the new run. Seen here loading up at Duningworth, while the local pulls in alongside.
A new plantation appears new the branch line at Binnford, so a new 2-8-0 is commissioned for the run, seen here giving priority to the diesel passenger train at the modified Prenville Junction.
After many, many days of long planning meetings between Management, Construction and 4 different Town Planners, the plans for the second half of the Mainline were finalised. Initially a loop-line was planned to service Hadtown, Harnhall, Cunwood, Tudingworth Falls and Buntfingway, but all the proposals were too complex and expensive. So Tudingworth Falls and Buntfingway became a branchline from Hadtown.


Shortly after construction had completed on the Tudingworth Falls station, the neighbouring Steel Mill announced it would be shutting it’s doors.

Keen to keep it’s residents and it’s new station, Tudingworth Falls announced two special subsidised non-stop links between itself and Cunwood and Handingtown. Two 4-6-0 ‘Standard Five’s were raked up for these services and are show here leaving the local service depot, heading to Tudingworth Falls for the stations opening.

Less than a month after services begin, Tudingworth Falls oil refinery also shuts down.  Tudingworth Falls local authority don’t seem to be too concerned though. They gave the go ahead for the track to be doubled, and thanks to the subsidised links the town continues to grow.

Meanwhile a 0-6-0 ‘Pannier Tank’ is brought on for the local service from Hadtown to Buntfingway via Tudingworth Falls, and two 4-6-2 ‘Pacific’ is set on the Hadingtown, Cunwood stopping service. New development in freight engines has resulted in the 2-10-0 and one is put into service on the Binnford timber train.

Work Continues

After and increase in Coal production, and extra 2-8-0 is bought to help cope with the extra cargo, and the line is double tracked.

Demand for furnishings has been on the rise, and the local sawmill requested a new branch line be put in. Two more 2-8-0’s are bought, one for the new timber line, and a second to supplement the second coal mine due to an increase in production.

Meanwhile work continues on the main line and Duningworth is connected up, with a 4-6-2 ‘Pacific’ hauled service to Fentfingford. A new service centre is also opened at Fentfingford.

Hadington marks completion of the first half of the South Mainline project, and is set to become the next hub station on the network.

The new 4-6-2 ‘Pacific’ links it to Duningworth, while the experimental diesel ‘AEC Railcar’ in a 4 car consist, makes the slow link to Sleningway, via the small towns of Binnford and Prenville.

Next on the planning agenda is a platform extention at Fentfingford, and an express service linking Sleningway and Hadington, via Fentfingford and Duningworth. Both Slen <-> Had links are expected to be subject to a timetable service.

A New Start

So I decided to start up a new OpenTTD game, on a 128×512 map. Using the OpenTTD nightly, starting with r15260.  Main modifiers are;

  • UK Renewal Set
  • Reduced Breakdowns
  • x4 weight multiplier for freight
  • A full GRF list can be viewed behind the Read More link

The Industry Map;
The height map;

In 1950 a small start-up makes it’s humble beginnings on the far southern edge of the region. A temporary maintenance depot is set up and a 2-8-0 Freight Engine raked up for the short jump to the local power station.


Which is quickly joined by a second identical consist for the second coal mine on the hill.


Shortly after, the two worker towns near the mines express an interest in a passenger line. A 4-6-0 ‘Standard-Five’ is commissioned for the link, and Sleningway Transport is born, running out of the station offices for now.


With the foundations laid, Sleningway Transport turns it’s attention to an abitious project of linking up the southern towns to create the South Mainline, and first on the list for connection is Fentfingford. A 4-6-2 ‘Pacific’ can be see pulling into the terminus on the inaugural run.
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