I has finally managed to get this place back up and online…

Okay, here’s the full run down, if you’re interested;

  1. Site got hit on the 28th of May
  2. Time passes as I attempt to work out what’s happened
  3. Finally get onto my host provider, and find out the site got hit and everything deleted manually
  4. Discover I only have a backup from Feb, and my hosts one is from the 30th.
  5. Account gets restored on the 8th
  6. Started to play with te upcoming version of Joomla! before putting the stable back on.
  7. Hosts discover an issue with cPanel at the same time
  8. Hosts are forced to go back slightly to get the systems up and running again
  9. Recreate site once more to this version.

Yay! Well this at least means that I can start from scratch and reformat / code bits that really needed it.

Apart from that, my plans to move out / find another job / learn to drive are eating almost all of my free time, but hopefully I should get some back next month or so and I can start on a couple of ideas I want to do.

Back up and running

…. well limping at any rate

I’ve somehow managed to cobble enough will and effort to get this thing back up and running once more..

Incase you weren’t paying attention (probable) the site got hit by a hack attempt, long story short, I’m starting from scratch.

Thus expect to see a different approach to content on here, the main focus will probably be towards writings, blog and photo galleries. Old reviews will make it back, when I can be bothered to reformat them from the database archive.

For now I’m just gonna move this site to live and give up for now. TTFN