Weechat: Highmon

Due to popular demand for something similar to chanmon, for highlights, I’ve whipped up a new Weechat script Highmon. It’s based off the core of chanmon, and shares a few features. Docs and latest version, will be updated in the Downloads section, and available through Weechat’s manager script ‘weeget’

Get Highmon v.1.0 [ dl ]

Slight rearrange

I’ve had a reshuffle in layout terms, to coincide with the new revenue making ProjectWonderful ad boxes, and hopefully it’s as easy, or easier to navigate.
The site zone’s that were on the left, are now in the bar above, and darken depending where you are, and a few boxes have moved.

Oh and I bumped rslap up to v1.1, with a fix for comments and blank lines.

Also EVE got a funky new trailer, which I’m slotting in here, simply because I can;

Weechat: Chanmon 1.3.3 & rslap 1.0

I mentioned the “Channel Monitor” in the earlier Weechat post.

So here’s Chanmon v.1.3.3 [ dl ]
Which allows you to watch all/most/some of your IRC channels in a single buffer, without merging them.

And rslap v1.0 [ dl ]
Allows /rslap <nick> to slap a nick with  a random pre-defined message

More info can be found under their respective pages in Downloads
Both scripts are also available through Weechat’s built-in manager script ‘weeget’

UT3 and me

Okay, since the UT3 Titan pack expansion came out a couple weeks ago, interest has risen in UT3 once more, and so has my desire to carry on mapping in it. Hopefully, sometime soon, my interest will peak, and CTF-Orbital will see a flurry of activity and maybe even a release.
Below are a few shots of how the map look currently. As it stands the layout is done, but the lighting is very basic ‘working’ lights.

Red Base 01Blue Base 01center

As it stands the map is bot playable, so I’m looking for feedback. Some feedback has already been made here and you can find the downloads there as well.
(This is most definitely still Alpha quality work, so don’t expect too much)