Weechat: Chanmon 1.3.3 & rslap 1.0

I mentioned the “Channel Monitor” in the earlier Weechat post.

So here’s Chanmon v.1.3.3 [ dl ]
Which allows you to watch all/most/some of your IRC channels in a single buffer, without merging them.

And rslap v1.0 [ dl ]
Allows /rslap <nick> to slap a nick with  a random pre-defined message

More info can be found under their respective pages in Downloads
Both scripts are also available through Weechat’s built-in manager script ‘weeget’

Weechat’ing it up

So I’ve been meaning to do it for some time, find an CLI IRC client for my linux box, so I can OS hop on the main box.

The main drawback of the ‘usual suspects’ were I never found them all that intuitive, or configurable. I finally stumbled across Weechat, the dev version (now 0.3.0-RC2) is both easy-to-pickup and customise. The only thing it was missing for me was something like HydraIRC’s “Channel Monitor”, but with the wide array of scripting languages, I figured why not? and wrote it from scratch, with a little guidance and ideas from #weechat.

So now, my IRC looks like this: