More of this please, thanks

So if you haven’t heard, S2 Games, the company behind the Savage series, have a new game coming out, and what’s more is they’ve been doing Linux Closed Beta testing with the guys over at Phoronix, and the Linux Gaming community has responded, in a big way.

Phoronix posts on the subject so far;
Come Play This New Linux-Native Game With Us!
Linux Gamers Are Excited For New Games
Okay, Linux Gamers Are REALLY Excited!

Game studios, pay attention. Linux gamer’s exist, and there are many of them, and they move with surprising force, (and buying power).

So what is Heroes of Newerth all about? Well, we can’t exactly tell you. S2 Games has all media under an embargo covering this game. Basically it’s an online, multi-player strategy game that is based upon DoTA (Defense of the Ancients).